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Chemical Drawing Software


ChemSketch is a free chemical drawing package available from ACD. The current version is 8.0. See the ACD site for full details about the application. There is a more comprehensive version that may be purchased but the free version is adequate for basic purposes.

The program is normally downloaded from the ACD site but it is also available on this site. To get started: See the Program " Help". Try Contents->Chemsketch->About the Program and work from there. Pressing F1 brings lots of context related help. You could also try reading the ACD tutorial that comes with ChemSketch - see the end of this section.

  • Chem Sketch - Link to ACD Web site - Details about the product.
  • Details - the file that is sent from ACD when you download ChemSketch.
  • Download from SoP site - Download the package to install. (19Mb)
  • ----- Save the file to disk - it will save as a zip file (packed for transport with ending .zip).
  • ----- Find the file using My Computer and Unpack it.
  • ----- (Unzip using WinZip - XP users should just be able to click on the file) it unzips to a single file chemsk8_.exe
  • ----- Click the unzipped file to execute the program which will then install.
  • You can download from the ACD site -Find ChemSketch 8.0. You will have to register - but this is free.
  • ----- This is possibly a more straightforward process for those that do not understand "zip".
  • There are also some tutorial files on the same download page.
  • For more video tutorials on using the package see the Demo Movies link on the same page.
  • This program will also draw chemical apparatus using templates if you should need it.
  • The program will also be available on the Essentials disk from the IT unit and can be put on IT machines.
  • There is a good tutorial pdf file with program - under Guides, Installed in the same group in the windows menu.
  • Download the pdf tutorial file.

ISIS Draw is another No-Fee drawing package from MDL with characteristics different from ChemSketch.

  • MDL site for details
  • Download Draw program from SoP site. Save to disk. It is a zip file.
  • --- The program will download with a zip ending. - Unzip the file (XP users should just be able to click on the file)
  • --- Run the two files that are extratced to install the program and the help file.

ChemDraw is a much better package but costs £350-400 in the standard form. See Adept web site

A comparison of the major chemical drawing packages has been made by Tamas Gunda. There is a summary article - you can read it via this link.



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